Our New Bio-analytical ISO Certified Lab Gets You Accurate DNA Match Results, Every Time.

The ONLY DNA Solution for Pet Waste Management


Join 4,000 other properties using PooPrints® to keep their communities clean and green. PooPrints pioneered the science of DNA Waste Management over 10 years ago, and has been leading the industry ever since.

We are dedicated to protecting the integrity of the DNA Waste Management industry. While others may guarantee a lower price, when you implement the PooPrints program you get MORE than just an accountability program. The PooPrints Advantages ensure your community gets a higher service quality and the results you deserve.

Our Simple Process

1. DNA Cheek Swab

2. Dog is Registered 

3.  Collect Sample

4. DNA Lab Analysis

5. Dog Waste Free Community


PooPrints ensures residents pick up their dogs’ waste by using the dog's DNA to identify those that have not. Once residents are informed they can be identified by their unscooped dog waste, they pick up. It’s that simple.

  • Established in 2008 as the first company to DNA Dog Poop Testing to commercial properties worldwide, at affordable rates.

  • PooPrints has their own in-house, state of the ISO certified, state of the art laboratory, allowing the quickest turnaround time.

  • With over 3,400 communities representing thousands of units, we have the experience to provide results quickly and at affordable rates.

All DNA Dog and Dog Poop Testing at BioPet Laboratories (A PooPrints Company)  Knoxville, TN

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