Strategies For:

The "Rule Breaker" Objection

We get this initial objection all the time.  "What about when the poo we are testing comes from rule breakers?" Rule breakers tend to not add their dogs to their lease. Therefore, we won’t get their dog’s DNA and the poo tested will come back with no match found.... right? 

1. In your initial announcement letter, mention that if you find an unauthorized dog, the fine is 2X the $250 regular fine for any dog waste match. Audits must be done on a bi-annual basis. Resident Announcement Letter attached. See red print.


2. If you do get a no match, we keep the DNA in our data base. Any future dog registrations will be matched against all dog waste DNA in our data base. You will then get an email that a "Previous no match is now a match". This happens all the time and motives communities to be on the look out for unregistered dogs.


3. We have a No Match report that will identify if say two dog waste samples match the same dog. Because the maintenance person adds notes to any dog waste sample taken, it's gives you clues as to which building the offender lives.


4. Your fine should be $250 or more. Make it unaffordable not to comply.


5. Add DNA testing language to your lease. Attached is a sample lease addendum.


6. All dogs where a highly visible PooPrints dog tag, with their identifying number on it.


7. We also have a pre-registration link to sign up residents. Send the resident the link to initiate the sign up. 


8. You get friendly email alerts reminders, if you have not registered a dog in 30 days. 


9. We have Training Videos for swabbing a dog, taking a dog waste sample and more. We will have a 15-20 initial online training to help you get going.