Do a Dog Audit the "PooPrints Way"


Walk down hallways with YouTube video sounds of dogs barking. You will hear every dog in each apartment, without even entering. Expect to find another 10% more dogs than you think you have (based on manager experience). Get more pet deposits and find Poopetrators fast!  We keep all previously tested poop sample DNA on file, so your No Match might turn into a Match, after you perform this simple task. Make sure to let all residents know you will be doing random dog audits down the hallways. We just love this type of dog audit and you will too!



 But first send out a letter to residents warning them that you will be performing random dog audits. Give them 1 week to bring in their unauthorized dog without a fine. Any unauthorized dogs found after 1 week should pay a $500.00 fine or 2X the pet deposit. You will be amazed at how quickly things change! No more unauthorized dogs!




  • Increase your fine amounts to at least $300-$500 making it unaffordable not to comply.

  • Make sure your staff is fully trained on the process of registering a dog, and knows the importance of having all your new residents with dogs registered. See Video

  • Use our discounted Dog Station Refill Bags (logo on each bag), Yard Signs and Office Decal Signs so that your residents are constantly reminded to pick up their dog's waste.

  • Make sure maintenance crew knows how to properly collect dog waste to avoid failed tests. See Video 

  • Be vigilant!