The Benefits

  • #2 Dog waste problem goes away

  • Promotes responsible pet ownership and accountability

  • Better experience on resident tours

  • Accept larger breeds

  • Happier staff 

  • Advanced dog registry and testing data base

  • Undeniable results Lab is adheres to ISO standards

P&L Effect

  • Higher resident retention, more new move ins

  • Higher monthly pet income

  • Fines

  • Lower maintenance costs


DNA Swab Registration Kit .png

DNA Registration Swabs $44.95 

Waste Collection Kit .png

Waste Collection Kits $27.50

(Lab fee for dog waste testing $79.95)

Follow Up
  • Price List (DNA Registration Swab, Waste Collection Kits, Dog Waste Lab Test

  • Estimate

  • Resident Announcement Letter

  • Dog Registry Overview Video