PooPrints Training Videos

Sending Poop to Our Lab

How to Take a Poop Sample

Note: The waste collection containers comes with a prepaid shipping box and rubber gloves. 

Keys to Success

  • High Fines ($250-$300: Make it unaffordable not to comply).

  • Training Staff To Get Every Dog Registered.

  • Training Maintenance Crew to Correctly Take Dog Poop Samples

  • Must Schedule Random Dog Audits With Strong Fines For Unauthorized Dogs (Guarantee: You will find an additional 10-15% more dogs than you think you have!)

  • Use Our Dog Station Refill Bags-Each Bag Has a PooPrints Logo to Remind Residents to Pick Up. $49.00 for 2000 Bags.

Some Common FAQs

A Resident Moved Out. How Can I Remove Them?

Move Out Link will show you how to remove a resident when they have moved out. The resident and dog will stay in the system in case they move back in, or in to another PooPrints community.

Can My No Match Become a Match? 

Yes! When you find an unauthorized dog (By performing and in apartment dog audit), you will get an email, "A Previous No Match is now a Match". We keep all DNA from all previously tested dog poop in our data base.

Why Do I Have Dog(s) in my Pet Profile Created, Which Are Over 30 Days Old?

This means we never received your swabs at the lab. This will cause your match rate to be lower than normal. If you do not have these swabs in your possession, you will need to have these dogs re-swabbed. Just send us an email, and we will send you FREE swabs for these dogs.

Why Do I Have Dogs in Reswab Requested?

These are swabs which were sent in to our lab, which had insufficient DNA on them. Most likely the resident did not swab their dog correctly. Please ask the resident to come back to the office to be re-swabbed. This is important to make sure we have every dog accounted for and to increase your match rate.  Just send us an email, and we will send you FREE swabs for these dogs.