Proven Benefits of DNA Dog Testing

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"The High-Tech Pet Waste Solution"



When you enroll your community in the PooPrints™ program, you will immediately begin to notice cleaner grounds and more tenants picking up after their own pets.  


  • Resident retention rates increase because all tenants, dog owners and non-pet owners alike, enjoy their cleaner and greener neighborhood.

  • Generates cash flow by adminstering fines, increasing resident pet deposits, pet fees and reducing maintenance overhead or cancelling dog waste removal service.  Pet waste will be reduced by 85% - 100% almost immediately after registering pets on the property.

  • PooPrints is a no cost solution for property management when utilizing a portion of the resident's pet fee.

  • PooPrints provides undeniable accountability and is easy to implement with your residents.

  • Unique pet ID tags are easily recognized to identify registered pets within your community.

  • Pet policy amendments and notification emails to send to your residents are provided to you




When a resident registers their pet with PooPrints, they receive many wonderful Benefits including Lost-and-Found, vet and vaccine record storage, and printable pet profile certificates - all through their free DNA World Pet Registry account! 


  • Free resident account on the DNA World Pet Registry to access their benefits and pet profiles.

  • Free Lost-and-Found service, with lifetime Proof of Identity based on their pet’s DNA profile.

  • Free online storage space for the pet's medical history and vaccine records.

  • Free printable pet profile Color Map* and upload pet pictures!

Dog Poop Attract Rats 

CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel and several Chicago aldermen want to crack down on the amount of dog poop on lawns across the city.

They are proposing a new ordinance that calls on property owners to clean their lots daily to keep them free of feces, or faces fines of $50-$500.

A statement from the proposed ordinance reads:

“Feces from pets deposited upon any private property must be collected and removed daily by the property’s owner or agent.”

The ordinance also states that the property owner properly bag and place the feces in “a city-issued or other rodent-resistant lidded waste container.”

The aldermen hope this will help reduce the amount of feces, and reduce the number of rats that feed on the feces.