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I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how successful the Poo Prints Program has been for all of our communities.

Since implementing them over one year ago, we have received such positive feed back from our current residents as well as new prospects that tour our communities. The program was so easy to implement, even on a stabilized property, and the staff at Bio Pet Vet Labs was easy to work with to train the staff and answer any questions that they may have had.


By having the pet DNA database in place, it has helped to track all pets and their owners to hold any violators responsible. However, this has been minimal as most residents comply with their responsibilities as pet owners and pick up after their pets. We have seen a significant improvement in the cleanliness of our communities since implementing this program.


The residents really have been impressed with the program as well as its positive impact on our curb appeal.

Thank you for introducing us to this program and helping it to be such a success with all of our communities in the Southeast.




Michelle Mann
Regional Manager

URP Management, LLC 



Ashland Park began DNA testing October, 2012 after repeatedly having to warn dog owners of the policy to pick up after their pets. Dogs, residents, and children were having to watch where they stepped and inadvertently tracking through the waste. Compliant dog owners and non-dog owners were complaining of having to pay for contractors to pick up dog waste of irresponsible owners. Finally we resorted to PooPrint testing and have No Regrets!


How could we do that? APC (Ashland Park Condominiums) pet policy is clear. And because we address to all new residents that there are no exceptions to "no poop on the grounds." We charge a $100 testing fee if a match is found plus $200 fine. The policy permits only two strikes. With the second fine, the dog is evicted from the property.


We have had no complaints from new residents and now we have no complaints from anyone who has stepped in, paid for, or had to encounter poop on the ground. We agree this is the best program the HOA has implemented in the complex.



Ashland Park Condominiums HOA



JJS Property Management, Inc. currently manages 25 apartment communities in the St. Cloud, MN metro area. Three of the apartment communities are dog friendly. We were struggling with irresponsible pet owners not picking up after their dogs regularly. We experienced phone calls from several of our tenants, frustrated with the pet owners who chose not to maintain a clean property. We relied on our staff to witness irresponsible pet owners not clean up their dogs waste, however, found it nearly impossible to always keep a watchful eye. We also purchased motion cameras to try and solve the problem, but found it difficult to sift through countless hours of footage, hoping to catch someone.


We had exhausted all of our ideas leaving us properties that were littered with dog waste. That created unhappy residents. That was until the day we discovered an article introducing us to the PooPrints program offered by BioPet Vet Lab. Having exhausted all other ideas, we decided that it might be worth a try.


The PooPrints process required all current tenants to bring their pet(s) to our office where their mouths were swabbed for a DNA sample. Any new pets introduced to the property by current or new residents must have a DNA sample taken prior to the move in date.


We believe the PooPrints program has been a huge success for us. We no longer have dog waste complaints, our properties are clean and waste free, and our resident retention rate has increased. The testing process is easy, the BioPet staff is very helpful, and all DNA results are guaranteed 100%. On behalf of JJS Property Management, I would highly recommend the PooPrints program to any property owner looking to increase the overall quality of their pet friendly locations.



JJS Property Management, Inc.




I manage a large apartment complex in Southern New Hampshire that consists of over 350 apartments. Our community prides itself in being pet friendly. We have no breed or weight restrictions, which makes us an extremely popular community with pet lovers. Even though we provide pet stations and dog playgrounds, we quickly learned that a small percentage of our residents were not cleaning up after their pets. With this many dogs on our property, a small percentage of violators could ruin it quickly for the responsible residents. We knew we needed a solution quickly, but, did not know how we would catch the violators when most of the violations happen when nobody is watching. 


We researched what other communities were doing all over the United States, how Cities were enforcing “pooper scooper” laws and still did not come up with a solution that we thought would work for us. Then we found it…BioPet’s PooPrints Program!!! We immediately contacted BioPet and after confirming how easy the program was for both Management and the residents, we put it in motion. We have now made it mandatory that our residents register their dogs with us using the PooPrints Program. As part of our move-in orientation, we require that they bring their dogs in to the office at which time the pet owner swabs their own dog. Not only do we get to meet the dogs, we know that our pooper-scooper rules are being enforced without any extra effort on our part. The program has worked better than we ever imagined it would. The property management team is thrilled that their time can be spent on other managerial duties besides pooper scooper violators and the residents are happy their community is well-kept and clean. Everybody wins!!! PooPrints Program was exactly what this pet-friendly community needed! 


Debbie Logan

Twin Ponds in Nashua 



I happened upon the PooPrints Program out of frustration that I could not catch my residents in the act of not picking up after their pets. We began to have a real issue with pet poop on the grounds and my responsible pet owners and non-pet-owner’s alike were getting very upset and fed up. However, I was leery that the PooPrints Program would be very difficult to implement and that it would not be received well. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


We had 71 dogs in our community that we had to collect DNA samples from. PooPrints provided all the letters to send out; I just had to put in my community name! All the residents but three made their appointments and came in before the deadline. I sent the warning letter to the three apartments that we had not heard from and they responded promptly. We have had zero objections to this program thus far and countless compliments on how well it has worked. Our grounds are finally poop free and I haven’t even had to fine anyone yet for not picking up after their dog’s waste! This program was an answered prayer. 


Adam C.

Property Manger

Legends at Oak Grove