Reswabs Requested

(Dog Registry Screenshot Below)

What are Reswabs Requested?

This happens when the lab is unable to get a full profile of DNA from the swab(s). The lab has sent you a free packet of 2 new swabs for that specific dog.  Ask the resident to bring their dog back in to the office to be swabbed again. Just click on the blue number to see which dogs need to be reswabbed.

Please watch this video to instruct the resident on how to properly swab their dog.

Why is This Very Important?

In order to make sure every dog is accounted for and that you have a high match rate. Please note: we keep the DNA from dog waste previously tested in our data base. We are constantly comparing all dog waste DNA in our data base against all new completed DNA swabs. You might get an email that a "A Previous No Match" is now a Match".