Over the last year or two, we have seen a couple of new dog waste DNA companies pop up around the country. 


And we believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we understand why others would try to replicate the high level of service and value that PooPrints provides to communities nationwide.


So, why should you choose PooPrints over one of the newcomers? While we are sure these newcomers can do a good job (after all, they borrowed the idea from us) there are a few things we hope you keep in mind as you choose your pet waste management vendor:

  • In the past year, we have 45 new communities, who were formerly using another DNA dog waste company. The main complaints we constantly hear is that the DNA poop testing is not accurate and the dog waste needed to be refrigerated during transport. References are available upon request.


  • PooPrints is the original commercial DNA Pet Waste Management service with a half-decade of experience working directly with Property Management: over 3400 multifamily communities in all 50 states and Canada. You’ve seen us at your local apartment association events and local community association chapter events. You’ve seen us at national expos. You’ve read about us in Units and Common Grounds. We are here to stay, and to serve you. We have the experience and longevity that newcomers can’t claim.


  • The PooPrints Bio-Analytical Lab is ISO Certified by the US Government and 100% fully owned and operated by our parent company BioPet Laboratories. We are directly involved with and dedicated to quality assurance, quality control, and fast turn-around times for our communities. We don’t outsource to other labs, we protect and manage your samples and data all the way through the scientific process. As a community manager, you are making an investment in DNA pet waste technology, and PooPrints offers you seamless services from kit ordering through sample testing. Ask the “other guys” if they themselves do the analysis, or do they outsource your samples?


  • PooPrints is your community’s TOTAL pet waste management solution. Yes we do canine DNA, but we also provide you with pet stations, bags and refill rolls, and coming soon a sustainable/green disposal method. We don’t try to sell you unnecessary technologies and add-ons that you don’t need. Can PooPrints do cats? Sure! Can PooPrints do dog bites? You bet! But these are just not common problems we hear from community managers around the country — and so we have no desire to push unneeded services to you.

  • PooPrints has the ONLY US Patented DNA World Pet Registry used to securely store your community’s data and provide community managers with results. PooPrints has the only patent pending on the DNA laboratory processes. These are proprietary processes that newcomers cannot replicate.

Don’t be lured in by false promises of initial low prices only to have hidden fees later! Before choosing another company to solve your dog waste problems be sure to ask: Does the vendor have their own physical laboratory and secure facility to perform accurate DNA tests? Is the vendor a functioning corporation with years of experience and the ability to ensure that they will be in business tomorrow? Does the vendor have a computer database designed to track, match, and catalog the dog DNA worldwide? Does the vendor have references from their customers that can be verified? A vendor is only as good as its ability to be in business for years to come. Be sure to ask for corporate structure and future management plans.

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