3 Videos to Help You Get Started

How to Use the Dog Registry (www.dnawpr.com)

How to Swab a Dog

How to Collect Dog Waste and to Send it to Our Lab

For Communities With Existing Residents:


  • Send out a Letter to Residents and make it your own. Make sure your fine is substantial. We suggest $200-$250 for the first fine, so that they know you are serious.  Also have offenders pay for any dog waste testing costs.  Make it unaffordable not to comply. The key to success is making sure all dogs are registered: In your letter to residents, mention that you will be checking apartments on a regular basis and that any unregistered or unauthorized dogs found will be fined 2X the pet deposit. Many times the resident who avoids paying a pet deposit is also a poop offender.

  • Give the residents 2-3 week timeline to come in to get their dog registered for free. If they don't come in within your timeline, have them pay for the DNA swab kit. This will help you get your residents registered quickly.

  • Your residents should swab their own dogs in front of your staff for accountability. 


Suggestions to Make Your Program Work Even Better:


  • Conduct a dog audit at least every 6 months. You will find 5-10% more dogs than you think you have and add more pet income.

  • Purchase our Discounted Dog Station Refill Bags (PooPrint logo on each bag), Yard Signs and Office Decal Signs so that residents are constantly reminded to pick up their dog's waste. 

  • Make sure all new staff employees are fully trained about how PooPrints use the dog registry and how to collect dog waste and send it to our lab.

  • Be Vigilant and train your staff.